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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For Christmas, the boys received a month of Karate and yesterday was their first class.  We went in on Monday to sign them up and pick up their uniforms, then came back and watched a bit of another class.  I think this calmed the nerves a bit as we're pretty sure Cody thought he was going to have to fight someone in class.  (We watch a bit of MMA, maybe too much!)
Before their class time one of the instructors took them back for an introduction so they could get the lay of the land.  They did really well in class and the instructors all thought they were great.
Waiting for their class to start.
 Their instructor coming down to great each of his students

 Punch, notice the air under Tyler's feet.
 Cody was doing well turning into his punches
 A few push-ups, he's getting better at being more in a plank and not a tent...
 The class split for different levels and such, the boys were pulled aside to learn a few things one on one.

 Next they grouped back up to practice kicks and punches
 At the end of class, Cody and Tyler had done well through their first class and earned their white belts.

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