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Monday, January 23, 2012

Projects, Basketball, MLK, & Trains

Catch up post, and, GO!

Last weekend we were busy working on projects around the house.
The boys finally have a stable closet unit!  
We needed to take this pile,
 this pile,
 and this mess
and make it all fit here. 
 IKEA shelves to the rescue!
 Outside, Keith got a new work bench and some high shelves.

They also worked on our garden shed and built in some shelves to help clear out the garage a bit.  

Basketball practice started this last week.

 Cody's 1st game went pretty well for the kids not really having been told what the game is all about.
(More to come later on that)

Wednesday we met with our homeschooling group to learn about Martin Luther King Jr and civil rights.  The kids heard a couple of stories and watched video clips. 
 Then they were split into groups to make posters about some of the words and things that were discussed. 

 The groups then presented them.

Everyone did a great job!

Thursday we went on a field trip to the train museum.
 Here come the train!
 I forgot how long the ride was to get from Folsom to Downtown, but the boys had a good time riding the light rail. 

One of the cool exhibits they have right now displays a lot of the fruit box art.
They would make awesome pictures for your walls.

 We finished with a trip to the train toys.

When we were at Rich and Judy's this weekend the boys decided that their train board needed some scenery.  So Grandpa gave them supplies and they went to town. 
 After dinner they showed off their handy work. 

So another busy week on the books!

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