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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Basketball and Bowling...

Saturday, Cody kicked of his basketball season with a skills clinic.  He did great with dribbling and passing as well as being one of the faster ones when they did sprints.  I'm not sure how this league will shape up as it seams a little small, but he'll get a lot of time to play! 

Today we headed back to Strike's in Elk Grove for bowling and pizza with Keith's work.  
The VW team won the bowling tournament a few months back at the company party and it earned them another party. 
 Cody is becoming quiet the bowler.  After the first game he asked me to take the bumpers off his turn and he did great without them up. 
 Tyler is getting pretty good at the run and chuck style of bowling. 

This might be the year we ask for bowling balls for our Birthdays.  I get very frustrated because I need a lighter ball but my fingers never fit the holes. 

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