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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The dangers of reading...

Who knew.  Library books are dangerous.  
Tyler came down the hall the other day saying he didn't know what happened, holding his hand that was dripping with blood.  So not awesome.  We ran it under water for a bit, and quickly put a bandage on it to stop the mess.  
Keith walked up and down the hall cleaning the mess, feeling like he must have butchered something along with his finger.  
Finally had a chance to look at the wound a day later when the bandage fell off.  
 Seriously, one of the worst paper cuts I've seen. Thinking he caught the side of the paperback cover. 

Spiderman made it better again. 

 See, he's happy. 

So there, read with caution.  I guess this is a good advertisement for a Nook!

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Jennie said...

No paper cuts here!