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Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Vacation: Monster Mini Golf...

The boys' school district has decided to pack a couple of holidays and in-service days into one week, essentially giving them 2 spring breaks! 

So to kick off our week long break, we took advantage of the rainy day and headed over to Monster Mini Golf for some fun. 
We had a short wait for our golf time, so the boys played a game of air hockey...

 Golf time! 

 The boys had a great time and are really starting to be good mini golfers!  
The black lights are fun as well as the monster tunes they play. 

Saturday we went to the cheap theater and watched Tangled.  The boys have been wanting to see it and I'm glad we finally made it.  
Sunday was busy with a Birthday party at Sunsplash/Golfland for laser tag and go-karts.  Then we rushed out to Cody's make-up basketball class.  

Hoping to have some more fun adventures over the week.

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