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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny Bunny...

Oh Ms. Bun.  We are having so much fun with you around.  You've turned me back into the crazy get-rid-of-the-cats lady, but it's all in fun. 

We are LOVING having a pet.  She's starting to love on us a bit too.  I become her best friend when I have a treat in hand (dried apricots or bananas are her favorite), she runs to me and will let me get in a couple of pets before she snatches it and runs away.   She's been great with the boys, and they can walk up to her and give her pets without her running. 

She's fun to watch when she's exploring around the yard, hopping in and out of the chairs or her planter box.

If she's really excited she do a couple of hot laps around the entire yard, you would think she was a small the dog by the way she moves.

Here's a few pics:
 The look she normal gives me...
 Quickly chills out once she realizes I'm not empty handed...
 She's a bit picky when it comes to food, but I found a good seed mix for rabbits at the feed store, also able to add in some dried carrots and bananas making for a happy bunny!  Better yet, they are all in the bulk bins, so it keeps the cost down. 


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