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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tyler's Feast at Preschool

Tyler's preschool held a family feast the last day before Thanksgiving break.  It's a full spread lunch, preview to Thanksgiving dinner if you will. 
When we arrived for the feast the kids were outside listening to the story of the pilgrims. 
 Tyler's place marker he had made earlier in the week. 
 Tyler's feast was mostly fruit and cookies.  He's not a big fan of the Thanksgiving meal, and I didn't feel like wasting food that day. 
 We were all asked to sign up and bring something, so I picked dessert.  
I've been craving apple pie since I canned apples a few weeks ago, so this was an opportunity.  Instead of making a pie that would require cutting, serving and forks, I made minis in a muffing tin. 

They were awesome, and yes I'm totally tooting my own horn here.

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