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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Recycled Crafting...

Tuesday we headed over to Roseville to the Re.Create store for their open craft time.  For $5 an hour, you can use things from their bins to create what every you can imagine.  This works out well for rainy days.  There isn't a lot of guidance though, short of some crafts placed around, so you have to come with an openly crafty mind.  Some might think this is easy for me, but it's actually not, it can be a bit overwhelming. 

They had some really cool giant pine cones that we glued to foam circles to make a Christmas scene.  

 Cody looking for supplies...
 Tyler's finished tree...
 Cody's scene, complete with snowman...
Cody found these cool packing inserts and decided it could be a jet pack, he started it there and brought it home to finish.

 Measured some yarn to turn it into a backpack and he's been wearing it ever since.
 We saw these cute reindeer in the front window and decided to make one.  We glued it all together at the store and brought it home to paint and finish. 
The boys had fun and spent some time with friends in the process.  Success!

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