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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Widow-maker.....

Did you know that eucalyptus trees are nicknamed widow-makers because they like to fall down?  
Well, they like to come crashing down because a somewhat shallow root system. 
The neighbor behind us had 2 on the side of their house that share our back fence. 
 Last week when we had a big day of stormy weather and high, gusty winds, one fell down.  
It landed in our back yard, a couple of feet from hitting the house. 
We are very lucky to have such a deep back yard compared to the majority of our neighbors. 

Looking towards the fence on the right side of our yard.
  From the left side
 Looking back at the house.

Our shed looks to be okay, but our tree took some damage with some major limbs broken.
You can see their shed well above the fence line and the root ball is now under it.

 The fence and retaining wall are a bit of a mess.
Here is the root ball now above ground and lifting up their shed.
 Looking down the fence line.

They had their other tree taken down today, so hopefully that means the removal of the downed tree will be next so we can really see the damage and start in on repairs.   

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