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Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 Season Opener

Gym meet season has found us again.  Our first meet took us back to Petaluma for the Season Opener.  
Ty made some improvements from Intrasquad, great to see.  
He had a couple of flubs, but everything in fixable.  

 2016-2017 Level 6 Team, minus Trey. 
 Floor went well for Ty, hitting all his tumbling passes.  A bit of work on the in between skills will go a long way for his scores.   
2nd Place 7.40

Meet oranges are always the best.

Pommel is always a struggle, but his routine skills are now recognizable!  He is happy that they dropped the pommel horse portion of the routine and they only perform on the mushroom for his level. 
6th place 7.70
Rings will be his mountain to climb this season.  He did power through his back uprise that has been a hit or miss skill. Very happy that he was able to hit that!  
6th place 7.50

 Laughs with Chase L.
 Vault is usually one of his strong events and warm up went okay. 
When he did his competition vault, he slid across the table instead of hitting it correctly and popping off.  
7th place 7.70

 P-bars looked very good, until he fell off from his handstand.  
He has made some good improvements that would have produced a decent score.
Next time! 
6th place 7.30

 High bar was his top this meet!  He has to figure out how to straighten out in his over the bar skills, but that can be fixed for higher scores.  
1st place! 8.30

 He took 4th place in the AA with a 45.90
 In N Out dinner stop with a large number of his teammates. 


We are still trying to figure out the new scoring this season to understand what a good score is, but are hopeful he can continue to have some success.  The repeating season should do well for his confidence.  

Next up will be Oroville the 2nd weekend of January. 

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