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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tyler is 9!

Tyler celebrated his 9th Birthday this past Saturday.  

We started off with a lunch out at Red Robin a few days before after playing at a favorite park.   
New game tablets at the tables amde for a funny lunch. 
 We crossed our fingers and lucked out that our favorite person, Natalie, was working and we were able to sit in he section!  A Birthday song and treat finished up our trip. 
 Door is decorated and awaiting morning. 
  His Birthday morning started with a trip to Ducky's for donuts and a sparkling apple juice. 
 Then we traveled over to Golfland for unlimited video games.

 After some lunch, we headed out for mini golf and a trip around the go-kart track.  

 We headed home to find a package on the porch from Uncle Tim and Aunt Danna. 

That evening we went out to the Ride to Walk Ranch for the Niello Circus (annual company party)
They had so much food to try, games to play and lots of treats to enjoy.  
There were also cirque style acts, magicians and music.  

 Once we were home, he could finally open the gift he was waiting all day for.  

 The LEGO Train he's wanted for 2 years! 
 Of course, they went straight to work. 


 Very cool moon that capped off a good day. 
 Sunday brought family dinner and more birthday celebrations.  
Tyler, Judy and Aiden's Birthdays are all within a week of each other. so they went out to the Spaghetti Factory. 

 Ty was excited to open more presents (duh!)
 Favorites were the two new mounts & straps for the Go-pro.  
 They are also building a miniature amusement park in the toy room, so this new coaster really filled out the space. 
 Birthday buddies
 Tyler really wanted a donut cake this year, Grandma and Grandpa for the win!
 This thing was big and pretty awesome, even a day or two later. 

More Birthday fun will happen in a few weeks when Grandma & Grandpa Douglas come for a visit and a trip to Monterrey.  

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