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Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Week of School

Summer has come to an end and we started school on 8/31.  As busy as we were all summer, our August was very mellow and it was time to find a routine again.  We are working out our new school routine as things are always changing with different curriculum and trying new classes.  The year started with a quick visit from our teacher to make sure we had everything we needed to start the year. 


During our week Cody is taking a drawing class one afternoon and both boys are taking a writing class on another day.  They will also start classes on Thursdays that have them gone most of the day for pottery, engineering, Lego Technic for Ty and small engines for Cody. 
Cody will get an opportunity to spend a week in the redwoods and we are searching for a California History field trip for Ty that will take us away from the city.  


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