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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Planting....

New year, new strategy!  
Last year we attempted to do a container based garden, we didn't have any success.  
Things were not planted where they should have been for the sun they received, snails tried to take over and replanting didn't work.
We may try to do an actual garden again at some point, but would like to have actual planter boxes and a better area to do it.  Ideally, building some boxes on the kitchen side of our house would be great because the light is good and it's out of the way.  There are issues with this as well, such as getting water to the plants, but it would be doable.  Next year, or maybe in the fall?!?!

So, new strategy for the front yard. 

Here's the happenings....
 Before along the windows, all the barrels and lots of weeds.
 After, two barrels moved and rock roses planted.
I still want to cut the rose "bush" that's popping up behind the barrels.  It's scraggly and I'm not a fan of it in general. 
 4 new rock rose plants in the ground, hoping to have some nice, flowering bushes like these.
 One of the barrels had strawberries last season.  Some died, but this is what is still there now.  So we'll see if they produce anything.  The other barrel is empty for the time being, we may try to find a fruiting plant to put in there, or try pumpkins again.  (Making sure they pollinate this time)
Before along the walkway up to the house, some weeds and lots of clovers. 
 I didn't pull up all the clovers because I think they are kind of pretty, but most will probably get choked out eventually.  Here I planted 5 azalea plants, 4 different colors and varieties.  
Can't wait for these to grow and be even more beautiful!
I may also plant some ground cover flowers throughout this be as well.  

We moved two of the barrels to the back patio to start sprucing up the back yard a bit.  

Send us some green thumb wishes!

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