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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Art Classes

The charter school that we homeschool under offers enrichment classes that we can pay for with our school funds.  This semester the boys are taking art classes.  

The first 3 weeks, Tyler worked on a tree themed wind chime that we finally got back today.
It turned out really cool.  They used a stamping technique that gives it a lot of texture.  
For 2nd three weeks they are making a bird house that is kind of shaped like an acorn.  
The first day the built the main body of the house using the coil method. 
  His finished hive.  Now they smoothed it all out by blending the coils together.  
Excited to see the finished project in a few weeks.
Cody has been taking a painting class.  Everyone works on the same picture and they work on step at a time.  First they sketched out the basic design, then laid down the background, next started in on the branch and then the leopard. The last 3 weeks they work on fine details. 

They are both enjoying the opportunity to work on some "real" art projects!

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