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Friday, February 22, 2013

Photo Dumping Randomness....

Yep, that's what this one is all about!  

We missed the chance before Christmas, so we made winter gingerbread houses.
 We've seen a lot of beautiful weather this year already, the boys like to take pass the ball around a bit.

Study spot...
 Little man has been working on his reading skills and is starting to read through some chapter books.  He's not super interested yet, but we're looking to find something that will spark his interest.
We went to a play in Roseville, School House Rock!
It was a nice piece of community theater. 
 LEGOs, lots and lots of LEGOs.....
 The boys love to play with tennis balls on the trampoline.  
That our practice for the next Matrix movie!

 The books the boys wrote in the fall arrived, they were very proud of their stories.
 We watched the Super Bowl, kinda....
 Grandpa inspected the backyard tree and deemed it strong enough for a climbing rope.

 Oh Gees!  We're working on a plan to build a better swing set with rings, that will include adding cedar mulch at the bottom for soft landings.

 The hallway makes a great ball alley...

The boys went to a model train show with Grandpa which gave them new ideas to continue their train table. 

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