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Friday, February 22, 2013

Indoor Soccer

Cody is a soccer kid.  Before the fall season ended we were talking about what was next and instead of playing basketball he wanted to try indoor soccer.  It took a bit of time, but we happened upon a team thanks to some friends.  It was a bit of a rough season as they were a recreation team playing against competition teams, but it was a learning experience. 

Most of the kids on the team play baseball, so they didn't continue on to the next session.  Next up for Cody will be an 8 week clinic soccer camp on Sundays starting in April.  Hopefully he'll be able to learn some strategies, footwork and confidence building skills to aid him in the fall.  We're switching clubs in the fall as his coach is moving up to comp and I'm not wanting to have to ref this season.  With a recommendation for a new coach in hand, fingers are crossed that he can have a good season and continue his love for the game. 

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