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Monday, October 15, 2012

Soccer Pictures

Hmmm, bad blogger!  
So the soccer season is just past the half way mark and I haven't really posted any pictures.  

Coaching Tyler's team has put a damper on me taking photos. Luckily there are a couple of parents that have been taking some and sharing them on our team's Shutterfly account.  
Tyler's team has been playing really well.  We've won 2 and lost 3 so far, they are having fun and really starting to understand the game.  
Tyler has been less than thrilled about the soccer season as it's progressed, but is doing his best to finish out the season. 

 No idea what he's doing in this one, but it's funny.

 Goofy boy, you missed the ball!  Luckily this was during warm-ups.

Cody's team has had a very frustrating season, with no wins yet.  
Cody is doing his best and has done a good job when on the field.  
Fingers crossed they are able to pull one out during the 2nd half. 

 "Did they seriously just do that!?!?"


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