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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gold Bug Mine and Apple Hill

We took a field trip up to Gold Bug Mine in Placerville with Grandma & Grandpa S, ending our day up at Apple Hill.  We haven't had much fall yet this year, including today being in the high 80s, low 90s, but the fall colors were doing their best to come out.  

Gold Bug Mine has been on our list for a while of places we would like to visit.  

 The mine tour was self guided with a phone type speaker that you followed along with.

 Oooo, dynamite holes.
 The mine is constantly wet, with water running down the walls and dripping from the ceiling, making stalactite type formations.  
 Showing how the fuses might have looked after the dynamite was set.
 Trying to move the hand carts, heavy!
 Outside of the mine, you can pan for gems.
Next time we'll do this. 
 We went a bit further up and saw the Stamp Mill where they crushed the slate to find the gold. 
 The blacksmith's shop was also open and running.  The gentlemen running it took a good amount of time explaining what they were doing and how different things had been made. 

Then we headed up the mountain to Apple Hill

 "If we hug and are cute, mom won't make us pose for a million pictures."
 The most important stop, according to the boys.

 We headed up to Larsen's to buy a box of 2nd's apples (not store pretty, but perfect for applesauce) and they had their sorter on.  Very cool. 

Hopefully we can make it back up again this season as the boys really want to pick their own apples.  

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