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Monday, September 5, 2011

Goldrush Days...

Sunday we headed down to Old Sacramento for Goldrush days.  They shut down the streets to cars, covering part of the cobblestone roads with dirt for the horse and carriages.  There were also people in period costume, acting out scenes and pulling you back in time! 

A lot of the stores were selling rubber band and pop guns. 
Then we came across this bit of awesome, the rubber band machine gun. 
 We walked around a bit and were pulled in to watch a magic show.  It was a lot of fun with some nicely done tricks.  The magicians were very funny and the man even came into the audience and tried to swoon Virginia for some more magic mojo. 
 After the magic show we headed down the street to watch the firemen rescue the brothel girls. 
 There were protesters in the streets saying to "let it burn" and warning us to avert our children's eyes from the sinful things happening in front of us.
Check out those beautiful dresses and costumes.
 Then came the firemen....
 Up the ladder to save the ladies, but they were scared and kept running away...
 Shooting the "fire" with the hoses, the drunkards running the streets...
 a job well done. 
 After that show we headed over to pan of for gold.

 Then they had their take weighed and were given a certificate to receive special gifts from some of the stores.  We were only able to find one place that had the stars, but the boys thought it was cool. 
 There were a lot of horses and carriages around, even the Calvary road through.
 We stopped to watch some of the Native American dancing. 
 They had a shootout a few times throughout the day, but it was hot and too much talking to enjoy it, so we moved on. 
 After a stop for lemonade and listening to some music we headed over to watch the medicine show.  Their elixirs claimed to cure all kinds of things! 
 There was a Punch and Judy puppet show that was pretty funny to watch, even the adults had a laugh. 
 After a stop at the candy store, an Old Sac must, we toured the school house. 
 We walked back to the car after a fun day past the tower bridge. 
We will definitely go back next year, it was a lot of fun and nice way to see history in action. 

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