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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Soccer games of the season....

The start of the soccer season is here!  Both boys had their first regular season games on Saturday.

Tyler, all ready to go...
Warming up with Asst. Coach Jennifer...
Hair is flying!
Keith said he did quite a bit of this, walking by the ball instead of attacking it.  
But he did score one goal!
Gettin' his snack on, grumpy boy...
Everyone doing a cheer for the other team!
The officially finished banner! 
Sweaty kids after the game, one of his new buddies that is also in his class. 
We aren't really keeping score, but Ty's team did awesome and scored lots of goals!

Cody all ready to go...
Warming up his legs...
Cody played the whole game, starting off as goalie.  He did great and didn't let any in!

 He's becoming an awesome defender and is playing in our sweeper position most the time.  
He's working on finding his leader voice and directing his defenders on where to go. 
 When he lands right, he's starting to get a great foot for goal kicks.
 Loving the crazy camera shots...

Go Tigers! 
Cody's team did great, winning 2-1.  They also handled the heat of a 3pm game pretty well, buy the 4th quarter, both teams were whooped. 

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