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Monday, August 23, 2010

Cody's First day of 1st Grade...

Cody is an official 1st grader! He was excited to get started, so much so he told me he didn't sleep much. So we were up early, ate some cinnamon rolls and were ready to go.

1st day photo...

"But what about me?"

We walked over today, and glad we did after checking out the traffic.

This is where we will find him all year!
When we came to school they were to go to their line spot, instead of getting to head straight to the room like I thought they might for the first day. So we found his line, put his bag down and he ran off to play for a bit before the bell rang.
I stayed and mulled about with the rest of the 1st grade parents, and a lot of the upper grades as well. Really I wanted to scope out and see who was in his class this year.
Once the bell rang, Miss S. came over and greeted them all individually and went through names again. Cody already knows her a bit as she was a 4th grade teacher last year and her class buddied up with his Kindy class.
Once they were re-introduced she led them to their bag hooks and into class.
I didn't actually go into his room but could watch through the window to see his desk. He saw me and held up his pencil box that was in his desk, then waved a big bye when she said it was time to start.

His day, as he told me on the way home:
They sat down at their desks and were asked to write the alphabet in lower case.
Then the music teacher came in for a bit. They did some songs by echoing what she said.
Next it was time for recess. He spent the whole time eating his snack.
He found out that they get to do PE on Wed mornings with Coach, that was exciting.
They worked on some kind of matching sheet that will be finished tomorrow.
Then they practiced lining up in order for lunch and using their lunch cards. (They are supposed to be in alphabetical order to go through the lunch line.) Miss S. keeps the cards and it tells the lunch staff who they are and if they have money in their account.
Once they finished practicing it was time for lunch.
He said he ate, then went out to play. Finally finding some old friends, they started playing Dinosaurs, like a brand new game!
After lunch they worked on writing sentences.
Lastly they were shown how the overhead projector works. (Way fancier than the grey light boxes we used)

He said he had a good day.

So one down, one to go....

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