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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our weekend in Boise...

Friday was pretty lazy. After a night at the rodeo, we were all dragging a bit and that called for some time with a book and some favorite morning tv. Keith and I did get out for a late lunch at Mongolian, the stuff we crave all year until we can get up to Boise.

Saturday Mom and I took Ty down to the Market on 8th street. There were a ton of vendors, produce, wine and treats. After that we headed for lunch at Taco Time, another favorite I crave until we can come up, then off to pick Mom out some new prescription glasses. So after enduring all our shopping, we stopped by the pet store so Ty could see all the little pets and fish.

Cody stayed home and helped Grampa and Uncle Tim move cars around the shops, including a lunch stop for burgers.

Sunday we headed out to the water park for the day with Tim, Danna, Cody and Ashlee. What a blast! Cody was tall enough to ride anything he wanted to, and he proceeded to ride all the slides except 2. Tyler was a bit small for most everything, but we went down a couple of tube rides and he loved the 4 lane racer. (Think the giant slide at the fair that you ride down on a potato sack). Even with the lack of big slides Ty still had a blast in the kids area that had a climbing structure, spraying/dumping water and 5 small slides. We all spent a lot of time enjoying the wave pool and the lazy river. We may have to invest in a water-proof camera so we can catch these fun times! We all can't wait to go back!

So needless to say, I'm pooped and getting ready to sit and relax my Sunday evening away. Now if only Mom and Dad had HBO so I could keep up on my shows!

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