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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where did she go?

Most every Mom has heard the term, or uttered it, "the baby ate my brain." Well, that seams to have happened to me, although they haven't been babies for a couple of years now. I used to be quite the schedule keeper, on my game and able to keep up with the world. Over the last couple of years I've fallen off my game, this past school year was not my greatest showing. Slowly, I'm hoping to get back to that place.

In good moments, I find little things like these that give me hope that I can return to my once on the ball self...

Little magnets that will help to keep our weekly calendar board a bit prettier.

My phone is helping as well. I'm able to keep a calendar with reminders, it's connected to a Google calendar that I can update when I'm on the computer and it will automatically update my phone as well. This has been this weeks calendar.

The weekly schedule has been replaced with the pretty print out of the same calendar above, once school starts it will go back to the hand written weekly schedule.

Then I become anal and this happens...

A new white board and list of the contents of our freezer. I forget that things are there and they go bad, money down the drain. This gives me hope that I'll get back to a better place.

I'm going through my magazine stash and pulling out the interesting articles and recipes, but then they need to be sorted and filed.

The toy room is on the top of my list as I haven't been able to get myself to even walk in there in weeks.

A cleaning schedule is a must, I've not been able to figure out how to keep a clean house and it's getting old.

So anyway, watch out. I think I'm making a comeback! (If my gym, running and those pesky kids don't get in the way.)

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Anonymous said...

On your worst day, you still put me to shame. Your mojo shall return. Getting used to a regular school schedule rocks even the steadiest boat!