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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fieldtrip with Cody...

Thursday, Cody's class had their one and only field trip for the year, off to the Folsom Zoo and Sanctuary. The kids loved the fact that they were able to leave the school for something fun and we had a great tour. We were supposed to ride the train as well, but the man that runs the train mixed up the days he was supposed to arrive early.
Here's Cody and a couple of his friends waiting for the train that wasn't to be.

The only other shot I have is of the whole class and I didn't realized that I couldn't see Cody in the pictures until I uploaded them. Lame mom! Plus a dead batter put the stop to any more.

We were able to catch the train the next day after school, bonus that Ty was able to ride as well.

You can see Ty's little orange shirt and his big grin!

This next week is Cody's last week of school, then we move onto the big world of 1st grade. He's excited to be moving on, I think it mostly has to do with getting eat lunch at school, he talks about that quite a bit.

I'm ready for our summer break! I would like to say our schedule will slow down and we won't be on such a rigid time table, but the renewed gym membership dashed those dreams.
Busy, Busy, Busy!

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