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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fun Run and Gym Gala

The gym's major fundraiser of the year was mid May.  

The day started off with a fun run for all the gymnasts where they spent a couple of months raising money for the team, then had an opportunity to run crazy laps and win prizes.  
There were spots to run over bubble wrap, through bubbles and a water sprayers (or buckets of water!)  They had carnival games and a dunk tank to dunk some of the coaches.  
Tyler had a blast with his friends. 

In the evening, there was a Gala with good food and live and silent auctions.  
A number of the gymnasts performed from all the teams at the gym while the attendees ate dinner.  
I saw Tyler perform a couple of things, but had other things I was doing and missed a lot of the show. 

The kids hung out in the back room, having a pizza party, while waiting to perform.  
Here he is, warming up for the crowd.  

Here was the boy's finale, he's right in the middle.  

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