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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017 Stanford Open

It was a lot of fun to go back to Stanford this past weekend and watch Ty compete.  
Ty had an okay meet.  He made some small gains on a couple of events, bringing his all around score up a full point.  Another positive was not having any scores in the 6's.  
There was a lot more competition at this meet as it draws gyms from all over the country.  
He was able to earn an 8th place medal for his pommel routine, quite the accomplishment at this meet. 


 Marching in
 1/3 of the teams, the other 2/3 were on the front row. 
 This is a big meet with about 140 gymnasts in this session alone, so they are put into 2 flights. 
The first flight comes out and competes on 2 events and then they parade around and the 2nd flight comes in.  There is a second gym that they warm up in and wait for their time. 

Now to help him not have a mid season slump and power through for our home meet in 2 weeks. 

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