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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Random Pictures from May

Oh, hello blog!  Nice to see you are still here!  

We kicked off the swim season with a pasta dinner and auction fundraiser.  Cody, Tyler and the coaches (along with a random swim friend) 

 I wish I could go weekly to the painting place!

Tyler upgraded his glasses after 2 years in green.  

 Cody received his first pair of glasses as well at this year's visit.  
He has been very good about wearing them every day and didn't have any issues adjusting to the prescription. 

 I have had this idea in my back pocket for a while, so glad that Jen had a Birthday so I could put it together!   Birds on a wire, representing everyone in her household, cut from a map that highlights their birth city. 

 These two made an attempt at joining the swim team this year, visiting us for a couple of weeks in the afternoons.  We decided that this was a new mama duck as she kept dropping her eggs in very odd places. 

 Suns out, guns out! 
Summer weather meant time to slip in slide. 

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