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Monday, April 4, 2016

Cody's 12th Birthday

I'm just going to leave that there for a minute. 

This is the last year of kid before we hit the big, bad teen years.  
(Hold me)  

So far though, we have been very lucky with Cody.  He's a great kid with a good heart.  He is funny, although quiet, loves to read, loves cars and sports, has a soft spot for this littlest ones and tries to be helpful.

We started his Birthday festivities after lunch on Easter with an ice cream cake. 

 He opened up a few gifts as well; a case for his Kindle, a Nano Brick Statue of Liberty and an Speedo swim bag. 

 With his birthday falling on a Thursday, there wasn't a lot of special happenings until the evening. 
  We celebrated with dinner out at Red Robin followed by a treat at Baskin Robins.  
Then he was finally able to open the presents that were on the table all day. 
 Poor kid, lots of clothes this year as his Kindle was the main gift opened a few days before.  
Plus, 2 packages hadn't arrived yet that were more exciting to fill things out. 
(A day late he received cool BSU flip flops, swim fins & a bag for them, along with new practice jammers)
 We saved Uncle Tim's present for last because I knew it would be a hit. 

 Sox & Martin model kit, glue and paints!
 The next day we had a relaxing morning and then headed to the park to hang out with friends. 
  Then on Saturday we headed over to Golfland to play a few games and ride the go-karts. 

 We thought for sure Ty would be tall enough this year, but he was still about an inch too short. 

We still have more Birthday fun coming up in a few weeks when Grandma and Grandpa Douglas come for a visit.  

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