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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sutter's Fort 2016

With Tyler being in the 4th grade this year it was the time to go to Sutter's Fort.  Lucky for me, we had most of Cody's outfit from 2 years ago, just needing to add in shoes.  I needed a new outfit as I had borrowed one the last time.  So some time making a skirt, a shirt from Goodwill and a borrowed apron had me on my way as well.  
This year I was working in the trade store, so I didn't get to see much of Ty during the day.  We were able to walk around a bit during our break time and when our kids were in the stations near our. The group photographer took some great shots of the majority of his day and I was able to get quite a few as well. 
 Gathering before their big arrival to the fort

 Weary travelers

 Trade store that started outside, but eventually had to be moved under the cover when we had some rain in the afternoon.
 Learning about the wagon equipment and the routes traveled to the fort.

 Candle making
  Making yarns from sheet fur and weaving
 The fire keeper was a great cook and had yummy things going all day long for the adults. 
 I think this was the trapper station
  The shooting of the cannon at noon

 Making butter for the dinner bread
 Delicious food cooking on the coals 
 I was able to go sit and hear the blacksmith for a while during our break
 He is the same one that was there with Cody, but in a much better mood this year! 
 Stoking the fire

 Pioneer games

 School house and music
 He ended the day with me at the trade store

 After dinner there was music and dancing.  He found a friend from his enrichment classes and they were inseparable for the night. 

 After dancing we went inside for more stories and songs
 Tyler was chosen to play along

 He had a case of the giggles once it actually started

Video of the evening fun

We did not stay the night, but had a great time.  I'm glad that our charter has these experiences for our kids.  

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