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Monday, August 10, 2015

August In-House Future Stars

USA Gymnastics has a program called Future Stars that is an athlete development and education program. (Per their website)  This is a mini season before the regular season starts that at the highest level, determines the Jr National Development Team for the country.  The routines are laid out by ages, not levels, and creates a challenge for the boys.
They have a state meet that anyone can attend, from there they can qualify for a regional and then a national event.
Ty's gym held an in-house event to see who was able to compete all the routines for their age level and be invited to attend the state meet as a team.
The routine for Ty's age group has pieces that are slightly above where he is at this point, so we knew he wouldn't qualify to go, but it was cool to see some things he's been working on over the summer.

Team Warm-up
This is almost all of the Level 5-8 boys, plus a few of the 9 & 10's.  

 Strapping onto the bar. 
 He paired up with one of the training 10's, Eric to warm up for their flexibility routines.  
Eric is 16. I Love how the older boys interact with the younger ones. 

 After the meet was over, they were rewarded with a couple of rounds of foam block tag. 
 Buddies are out and waiting to get back in. 
 With his hard work on high-bar over the summer, Coach John rewarded him with his grips.  
Very happy boy!

Video of events

He's really rough on most events still, lots of feet and leg issues to fix.  Luckily, the pommel loops (circles without the pommel handles) are not part of his levels for a while. 

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