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Friday, May 22, 2015

Happenings in May....

Between swim and gymnastics we've had some other things going on.  

We've been dog sitting this month and the boys are doing well taking care of her.  

 Cotton Candy evening skies....

We headed up Hwy 49 on Mother's day to explore.  

 Good friends came by and decorated our door for teacher appreciation week.   We moved it inside the next morning and it's now on the office door.

We spent a Thursday down in the bay area so the boys could go to work with Uncle Stu.  
My morning started off relaxed and then a walk through a lovely flower garden and Ikea.  
 The boys toured Varian and took park in a building challenge. 

 CAD drawing...
 After they ate lunch we took off so Stu could get some work done for the day.
 We stopped to check out the ships on the way home.

 Brotherly love

Pow Wow Days came and went, where we marched in the parade with swim team.  
 We didn't buy ride wrist band this year (although we were bummed to see they had good rides this year), but the boys each chose one thing they wanted to do.  
The fun house for Cody...

 Glider Flyer for Tyler
We topped it off with a shaved ice and we were all happy campers. 

One of Ty's gymnastics coaches left our gym to open a Parkour gym called the Haven.  They had their grand opening and the boys had fun checking it out.  
 If you are in the Sacramento area, this place is awesome and the guys are very passionate about their sport.  Check them out:

We are always looking to fill in our extra minutes, so Sunday we checked out a free water polo clinic.  Cody had a good time and we're going to let him join in on their summer program.  
Tyler did well, but it's not his thing. (Totally not a shocker, but it was free, so we had him try)

Cousins in  the morning!
9.5 months, 2.5, 8.5 & 11 years old.  

Tyler is starting to work on his flairs and Russians on the mushroom. 
Super dirty, but it's good to see him starting something new.  

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