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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 44

10/28 - 11/3

Another block of the month. 
 I cannot get this block to photograph with it's true colors, much more green than the blue showing up. 

The boys tested our last nerve this past week with sneaking things and lying about it.  As this has been an ongoing problem it was time to pull out the big guns and cancel Halloween.  
So this was my Friday night at gym, making November's lesson plans. 
 Ty ended up alone in the gym with a hotdog for a coach. 
 Cody's team had their end of season party on Sunday, kickball at an indoor softball arena.  
The boys had a great time!  

 They still have a tournament this weekend and possibly the next, plus one more regular season game that is still needing to be rescheduled. 

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