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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 VFCAL Champs

The TigerSharks had a great end of the season at Champs.  
The team took 2nd place overall, the first time ranking so high.

Tyler has found a buddy in 13/14 Reed.  
Here they are getting ready for the team cheer.  
 Cody also likes to hang out with the older kids.

The boys had an awesome day in the pool.

Tyler qualified for Meet of Champs in all 3 of his individual events, first time he's qualified on his own (not part of a relay team)!  
25 Freestyle with a time of 19.72 (PR by 1.21) placing 8th out of 65.
Backstroke was 24.07, a bit off from is PR for the season, placing 6th out of 57.
Breastroke was his time to shine with a time of 28.58 placing 2ND out of 25.

To cap off his individual events, both of his relay teams also placed 1st!  

Breast stroke in the medley 
 Ready for the 25 free
 Best buddies, before backstroke.

 Taking off for his free relay leg.

Cody also had a good day, qualifying for 2 of his 3 events for MOC.  
IM with a time of 1:34.44, PR by 4.22, placing 6th out of 15. 
Backstroke was his high of the day, time of 19.82, placing 2ND out of 42.
Breast stroke was swam in 24.70, placing 12th out of 32.

His relay teams finished 2nd for the medley and 3rd for the free.  

Ready for the IM
 9-10 boys!
  Waiting for his relay leg
 Off he goes! 
 I tried to take videos, but they turned out so awful because it was so danged exciting!  

They are now in training for the Sac Valley Meet of Champs which happens August 2-3rd.

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