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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gym Banquet

The Technique Competitive Team banquet was tonight, the one time the girls and boys get together.  It was a LONG night with 3/4 of it about the girls team and 1/4 for the boys.  
Hoping next year the boys can have their own celebration to really focus on their accomplishments.

Level 4's minus 2.
  His really nice plaque. 

Accepting his award.....

Monday marks the start of the summer training schedule.  
His time in the gym goes from 6 hours now to a possible 16 if we go to all the practices in a week his coach wants him to be at.  He's technically training as a level 5 over the summer, but we'll have to see where he land at the start of fall. We are hoping that he can have another year as a level 4, learning all the bonus skills and hopefully getting to have a season toward the top of his level instead of the bottom like the last season.   Time will tell! 

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