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Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 18

4/29- 5/5

After a long winter break the Tyler's are back together again, they were stoked. 
 Do you ever get in cycles where you keep buying something because you are sure you are out?  
Mine is Spaghetti sauce this month.  
Hmmm, guess we need to eat some pasta!

The boys' new bags for swim season.   I personalized them so hopefully they won't get lost in the shuffle.  Hopefully this will help with our "different kids at different spots" situations we have during the week. 

It was really warm this week, hitting the 90's.  The boys busted out their new Slip n' Slide to cool down a bit.  

 Soccer Saturday! 

Saturday night we went to watch the new Sacramento Revolution FC team play.  
It was awesome!  Both boys had a great time.  
 Beautiful night. 

Birthday surprise from amazing friends. 
A New York purse (2 actually!) to call my own!  

The pumpkins are awesome!  I really need to figure out if we are going to train them to go to a certain area of the grass or if we are going to have them climb.  Pinterest is awesome for finding new ways to grow things.  Pumpkin hammocks may be in our future!

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