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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 5

1/28 - 2/3
Ty is finally able to link a couple of circles together on the mushroom making him eligible to bring home the extra one from the gym.  The one that Grandpa made is a bit too tall, so now we will be able to compare them and get it fixed.  
So for the next two weeks, is random mushroom time. 
 VW is revamping their rewards program, so Keith needed to spend the bucks he had saved up.  The prize this time was a rice cooker.  We are loving the speed, ease and tasty rice! 
 I love having a wreath on the closet door in the entryway.  I wanted to add some cute felt owls to finish this off, but haven't been able to muster up the creativity.  So Tyler colored this snowman and we hung the wreath up to frame him.  Tulle' in blues and white for winter. 
Finished January's block of the month....

 Cody had his last futsal game on Saturday.  The team grabbed a spot in the championship game after their win from last week. 
 They had another rough game and lost. 
With missing a player and having someone get hurt, Cody ended up in goal for a portion of the game.  He did a good job for not having played this at all this season!
 He also had his 1st weekend of soccer try-outs.  Getting over a cold and having his knee act up didn't make for a very good showing.  Hoping he can do better next weekend.  

Tyler had another meet, this time in Elk grove.  More to come on that soon....

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