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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enrichment Classes....

The boys have been enjoying their enrichment classes during the first session of the school year.  
On Tuesdays Tyler attends hip hop and a building class, Cody attends chess and derby cars. 
Once a month on Wednesday they both have an art class and LEGO class (Cody's is very advanced with computer programing), Cody also does and engineering class and Tyler does a life science class.  


The fish Ty brought home from his life science class.  A month later, it's still alive and happy in a bigger tank! 
 Ty loves his Hip Hop class, he's not always on beat and usually goes the opposite direction, but is have a great time!

Video of the routine at the end of the first 6 week session

Cody's pencil holder made from coiling paper rope.  
 He has loved his chess class as well.  Hoping to get him a chess board for Christmas (with pieces that tell the rest of us how to play!)

 His favorite class has been the derby cars.  He started with a block of wood, drew the body lines, helped to cut it, sand it and paint it. 
 Getting the wheels just right....
 Ready to go! 
 His race video....
(weird angles, sorry)

 His car was voted best looking by the rest of the class

Now to start the next set of Tuesday classes! 

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