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Monday, August 19, 2013

1st day of School!

We started back to our full school routine today.  It's been fun to receive new curriculum and programs, almost everything has arrived. (Just missing some art supplies, so nothing crucial.)

The boys had a good first day and enjoyed some of the new programs and things we're doing.  

  The boys had the same basic schedule today, so we went through taking turns on the computers and splitting time was we needed to. 

Watching the first of the new Spanish videos.  Hopefully we can work out the online portion of this program as well.  Having a hard time with their customer service. 
Ty working on his spelling as Cody worked on Language and Math.


 Another new program for the year is a music theory course.  
Piano lessons are going to happen this year as well.  Hoping this computer course will help that along. 
Ending the school day with some reading time.

 Tomorrows work ready to go.  
 I have a new filing system for work this year, hoping to make is a bit easier. 

Away we go, the start of another busy year!  

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