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Friday, April 26, 2013

Garden Update....

Hooray, things are growing!  
This is an accomplishment at our house.  I've had years where my thumb was green and others where it turns black.  It's fun and the boys are loving see things happening. 
Let the tour begin....
We have a potato plant that's come back from last year, we'll see how it goes. 
 4 of my 5 bushes along the walk way are doing well, one is dead.  
I'll have to replace it in a couple of weeks and see if we just got a bad one or if it's the spot. 
 The smallest of them started to bud and is trying to bloom. 
I wasn't sure the rock roses under the windows were doing well and then this morning this beauty showed up.  So excited to see a plant full of these. 
 It's kinda hard to see, but there are a bunch of buds on these rock rose plants. 
 The pumpkin plants are moving right along.  When we planted them you couldn't see them from the side, now they are starting to poke through the chicken wire. 

 Go, pumpkins, go!
 I think our smashing success for the season will be the strawberries.  These are all left over from last year.  I pruned out the totally dead plants and they are now thriving. 
 Every day we are out looking for red ones. 

 Ooo, starting to turn pink! 
 Strawberry flowers are very pretty. 
 I'm not sure what these plants are, but they grow on our neighbor's side of the yard.  So pretty.

 The backyard barrels are doing okay.  
They would be better without visits from the rabbit.  
(see the big area in the middle that's smashed and not growing)

 Same with this barrel.

We've had a bit of a turf war this last couple of weeks with bun.  
We partially filled in her big burrow hole just to have her start digging around the edges again. 
Then finding her in the planters sent me over the edge.  
I was able to catch her in the barrel this morning and gently put her into her cage.  This weekend I plan to move her fencing around to give her a smaller area in the yard.
Operation take back the yard has started! 

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