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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Fun

Halloween started with our fun party on Sunday.
On Tuesday, Tyler went to gymnastics as Mario for dress-up week.  

 One benefit of having Mario in the gym was being able to find him in the big group of boys!  

On Halloween night we headed up the hill to Jen's house in Cameron Park.  Their neighborhood is very family friendly, with lots of kids and families out for fun, and easy to avoid scary houses.  
(We had issues last year that have stuck with the boys) 
In front of Jen's

 We loved their pumpkins, one for everyone in the house. 

 2/3 of the Momtourage crew were present, quite the bunch!

 Cody's costume had quite a few compliments.  He's a bit shy, so that much attention directed at him was a bit much for him by the end of the night. 

The boys headed off with the Dads for trick or treating.  They had a great time with their friends and came home with a good haul of candies! 

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