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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crocker Art Museum

Every 2nd Tuesday, the Crocker has homeschooling days.  They usually have a theme, sometimes more elaborate than others, but usually an inexpensive way to go to the museum.  Today they had a simple, walk around and talk to the docents sheet; a good intro for our first trip there.  
One of the sculptures in front of the entrance
 They thought these pencil sketches of super heroes were cool.
 This metal work was really neat, as you walked by, it had 3D qualities in the way it was polished.
 Learning a bit about the Crocker family
 The mansion is a beautiful piece of art in itself

Serious discussion, I'm sure...
 Ty like the iron work in the fence.
 Knit bombing, it's own art form
 Beautiful yard around the building.

Tyler had a good time, talking about the art and asking questions.  
Cody wished we had left about 10 minutes after we arrived.  

We'll have to space them out, but we'll have to try making it to another event.

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