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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Graduation and Weekly Catch-up...

Last Friday Tyler graduated from preschool.  

A mom from another class made this awesome cake, it looked like a rainbow inside as well, very cool. 

All three of the classes from his school sang a few of their favorite songs from the year.

Then they each received a certificate, book and stuffed animal from Mrs. Suzanne.

Playing with their new Rex toys...
Then it was time to play in the park. 
He's so ready to be a Kindergartner, and I'm ready to have everyone in one place next year.  It is sad that we are finishing this chapter, preschool is just fun.  

On the nice day of last week, we took advantage and turned the sprinklers on, the boys thought it would be fun to run through.  

I'm really hoping after this cloudy day today, we can be done with the cold weather.  

We also had another Birthday party over the weekend; off to the Effie Yeaw Nature Center.

Cody's preschool buddies, minus the Birthday girl, listening about turtles.

We went for a nature walk and learned more about the animals in our area.  
Then cake, snacks, and presents with some catching up with the Momtourage.  

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