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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rants and Raves for the week...

Rave: After the weekend I was still at my latest goal weight.
Rant: After the week, some bad food choices, and girly things I'm back up 2 lbs.

Rave: Wed was the Teacher/Staff Appreciation lunch at Cody's school sponsored by the PTA. It went well, the teachers were delighted with the food and festivities, and I can't wait until next year.

Rave: Open house at Cody's school was also Wednesday. We were able to walk around the classroom, see the critters that live there and check out some projects. Here's what we came home with...

Farm diorama that he built with his 4th grade buddy.

The bowl is made from newspaper and tissues papers, he constructed it by himself.

Rant: Cats. We don't have cats. We also don't have a dog, which is why the cats hang out at our house. We've gotten used to them prowling our back yard, even leaving us things to pick up. They have messed with one of my new barrel planters, fixed the problem with marigolds.

Now they have gone to far...
We have a boat living at our house that belongs to a friend of Keith's. This is the cover on the boat...

This is a 12" bucket for reference...
There was a small hole in the cover, maybe a 2" square or so, it got a little worse over the winter, progressing to a fist size hole. We opened the garage this morning to see a cat coming out of the the boat. Another one came out later. I'm pissed, Keith is livid. I think it's time to call the human society and get some traps.

Rave: Today was Ty's last day of preschool.
Rant: Today was Ty's last day of preschool.

Getting ready to go for the last day...

We took these to his awesome teachers...

The rain held back and they got to play on the new track.

May-27 12:38
May-27 12:35

Rave: Took Belle out for a spin on the bike trail for 5.7 miles. I nice little shake down to see how things would go.

Rant: My bike shorts suck. I have to go online to find some that will fit properly.

Rant: The weather. Come on, it's May!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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